The Thundering Years: Rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens won the IBP Award for best multicultural book for youth, 2006.

Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive and Spiritual Powers won a star review in Publisher's Weekly  

Julie is the recipient of 3 Reading Roundtable awards for her earlier teen books. And the New York Library awarded Making Friends/Finding Love a Best Book for Teens. 

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Parker J Palmer, and Steven Pressfield are a few who speak highly of Julie's works and books. 

The Zero Point Agreement: How to be Who You Already Are

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There are eleven pithy slogans that can be used as practice points and reminders of the zero point agreement, which is to live life from your side. These are accessible to anyone from any religious or spiritual background, as well as those who live a more humanistic or secular life-style. These are not exhaustive or to be used as clubs. They are simply pointers, references to help in living life from the zero point. Each of these are brought out throughout the book but can be more quickly referenced here. Pithy intentions, slogans, and principles can redirect the mind, in the moment, in a beneficial way.

1.      Take Full Responsibility for Your Experiences

2.      Find Freedom through Personal Investigation and Examination

3.      Take Refuge in Wholesome and Strong Intentions

4.      Work with Your Strong, Disturbing Emotions

5.      Maintain Your Inner Integrity

6.      Live as the Meaning Maker

7.      Show Up Halfway for All Your Relationships

8.      Reflect on the Preciousness of Human Life

9.      Cultivate a Spiritual (ethical) Practice

10.   Depend on the Natural World

11.   Rely on Qualified Teachers

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The Wheel of Initiation

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Enter the Wheel of Initiation where you craft a personal intention and set off on your own spiritual pilgrimage using the Wheel as your template. Create the desired movement in any area of your life with this transformative book.

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Hidden Victims Hidden Healers

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"This book offers families and friends a true means of healing what is broken from the realities of mental illness. A process that can be used on one's own or in a group setting."  –Highly recommended by AFARMI

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The Thundering Years:Rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens

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Shows young adults (and the young at heart) how to harness the intense emotions and drives of the late-teen and young adult years using wisdom from cultures around the world. Includes exercises, personal and community rituals, and resources that show how to successfully navigate the Thundering Years without heading toward violence, drug abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors.

". . . so well organized and so succinctly presented that the reader is drawn on to a deeper appreciation of the truth that your life, your future, who you are, is in your own power."
-Napra ReView, May/June 2001

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Teen Psychic:Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers

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Publishers Weekly Review

24 November 2003 – There was a time when young people were routinely taught how to develop their intuitive and spiritual powers, according to Tallard Johnson, a psychotherapist and mentor of young teens. This "ability to access inner wisdom" was once considered an essential part of an adolescent's schooling. Nowadays, such training seems to have fallen by the wayside. Ironically, with young people facing so many pressures and risks in modern Western culture, a mandatory course in developing a healthy inner guidance system is needed more than ever. Thankfully, Tallard Johnson is helping to fill the void. Her primary goal is to help teenagers listen to their true feelings, learn to read their own energy and become more adept at living a life that is congruent with their inner wisdom (aka intuition). It's hard to find fault with her ambitions or delivery. Drawing from an eclectic stew of wisdom (such as the Sufi tradition of breathing, the yoga Chakra system, Tibetan Buddhism and the I Ching), Tallard Johnson offers an excellent primer on connecting with the inner spirit. Designed like a workbook, every chapter includes compelling testimonials, folk tales, ancient teachings, practical exercises and journaling assignments. Tallard Johnson covers many core concerns of teenagers—how to become an individual, develop self-loving beliefs, recognize and overcome substance and emotional abuse, make decisions from the higher self, create healthy relationships and find a safe spiritual teacher. Don't be turned off by the seemingly trite title—this is a book of merit and depth.

“This book is steeped in integrity and practical advice on how to safely develop (or further) your psychic abilities and psychic wisdom for the highest good of all.” -Linda Mackenzie, author of Help Yourself Heal With Self-Hypnosis and president of Creative Health & Spirit

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I Ching for Teens

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The only comprehensive guide to the I Ching especially for teens.

Includes down-to-earth descriptions of the original hexagrams and practical examples of how they can be applied to the teen experience.

"Johnson does a first-rate job of providing a deeply intuitive yet fresh approach for young people."
Alaska Wellness, July/August 2002

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Spiritual Journaling: Writing Your Way to Independence

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"This is a powerful tool for awakening the imaginative voice in any young adult and helping them realize their very own creative potential, truly a priceless gift." - Vision Magazine, May 2006

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