September 5th, 2017:

Transformational Writing Consultation Circle In MADISON FOR WRITERS, FULL

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Unlock your innate wisdom, creativity and inspiration through this popular class: Unleashing Our Creative Potential through Transformational Writing.

Cultivate a deeper connection to the creative source within you, generate new ideas and explore possibilities. You will discover a deeper sense of creativity through monthly writing prompts, meditations, use of third things (poetry, teaching stories, oracles) and nature/seasonal explorations. This class is for anyone writer (at any stage of your writing) who wants to explore a deeper connection to your creative potential through the written word.

I have offered Spiritual Journaling classes for over 25 years; worked with writers for as many years helping writers write and (if they choose) become authors. So much can happen inside us and through us as a result of our writing. 

Turn your world into word.

For fiction and nonfiction writers.

You will have a writing partner and we will spend an hour listening and responding to your written word. As the consultant/writing sherpa, I will give guidance on your writing projects. 

The experience, writing prompts and inquiry go way beyond the three hours we share on Tuesday evenings. I offer personalized inquiries for each participant, journaling prompts for in-between class to promote your creative ideas, and a variety of explorations that bring forth movement in all your creative dreams and pursuits. We will also have at least one full day writing retreat for our class (free). 

Held at Harmonia Psychotherapy Center in Madison Wisconsin. 406 N Pinckney

Facilitated by author and transpersonal consultant Julie Tallard Johnson .

Begins September 5th, 2017 Meets every FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH for a year. A commitment to the entire series is expected and appreciated.  Limited to 11.  6:00 till 9:00

Cost: $35/ per night/month

"In Lakota framework everyone is a meaning-maker, everyone must

"In Lakota framework everyone is a meaning-maker, everyone must
make sense of his or her experience. Woableza has been translated as
“realization.” It has always seemed to me that this word acknowledges
that each person has a capacity to make meaning; that understanding
is very personal, is timed by him or her, and is not predictable; and
for woableza to exist, a change in the person should take place." –Gerald Mohatt,  The Price of a Gift

Contact me, Julie: to register. 

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