May 12th, 2016:

Living with UNCERTAINTY and Creating from Within by consulting the I CHING. A day retreat at Thundering Clouds, LLC MAY 12th

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Explore what's possible with the I CHING, an ancient oracle for these modern and challening times. Consulting the I Ching gives you a way to make meaning from any circumstance and transform negativity into something positive.

The I Ching is the oracle for those living the zero point agreement to live life from your side,-- to transform and relate to the outer world from within. 

Understand your place in the cycle of life.

Live creatively with UNCERTAINTY

Ask questions and get usable guidance.

Become more conscious in all your interactions.

Make conscious and LIFE ENHANCING choices. 

Trust & increase your intuitive response to life.

Engage in the dance of synchronicity.


COME WITH QUESTIONS to explore with the I Ching.

The day will include: Meditations, writing prompts to explore questions and discover personal truths; How to consult and read the I Ching, waking up the wisdom heart-mind through breath and intuitive developomet practices using the wisdom of the I Ching. Creating an ORACLE NATURE MANDALA. Seasonal Lunch will be provided. 

Saturday Day, July 15th, 10:00 till 4:00. 

At Thundering Clouds, LLC  (Julie's home & Land) 
Cost: $65.00 (one partial scholarship available.) Includes lunch. If this intritgues you I don't turn anyone away due to lack of finances. 

Taught by Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW, LLC. I have consulted and studied the I Ching since I was 16 years old. I have authored the book, I Ching for Teens. In my recent book, THE ZERO POINT AGREEMENT: How to Be Who You Already Are, a chapter is dedicated to the I Ching. I owe much happiness and insight to my conversations with the I Ching. Since 1993 I have taught others how to develop and trust their own psychic abilities through the I Ching.

Contact me at: to register. 

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