October 11th, 2017:


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Awakening The Zero Point Circle

The Courage to Be Yourself: The Zero Point Circle facilitated by me, Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW,  transpersonal consultant, counselor & author; hosted by Hallie Ashley of Wiscopop! 

The circle begins OCTOBER 11th, 2017  in VIROQUA Wisconsin. 

Bring forth your greatest potential through personal and collective explorations. 

Increase your creative and spiritual capacity in the setting of a dynamic circle lead by me, a seasoned facilitator and counselor. This process offers you a psychology of awakening. We will use the Zero Point Agreement: How To Be Who You Already Are (book) as a template to explore all your possibilities. This is about awakening to your fullest potential within the context of your life, now. The zero point is based on The Heart Sutra, core teachings of Parker J. Palmer & His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Lojong Principles, and David Bohm's Dialogue
Apply simple, personalized transformative practices as the 3 R's: where you Recognize Reality; become Receptive through activation of principles and Receive in abundance. 
Unite in circle to explore:
  • The 11 core principles of the zero point agreement
  • The wish fulfilling mandala
  • Direct spiritual experience
  • Strengthening personal and vocational relationships
  • The Heart sutra and creative manifestation
  • Meditation and intention
  • Reframing and remything our lives!
GREAT FOR THOSE IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS and for those who want to go on to facilitate transpersonal circles of trust.

Emphasis is on transforming our outer world through awakening the inner potentials of each participant. Circle is limited to 12. 
An added benefit will be your ability to hold and facilitate transpersonal circles of trust of your own. We explore many ways to hold circles that encourage personal and collective integrity. 

We begin our journey in OCTOBER 1tth, 2017.  The circle will be held TWICE A MONTH on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday night (except holidays). Commitment to the entire series is expected.
6 till 9 pm. Meeting place to be established by our host, Hallie Ashley of WiscoPop.   Our circle completes in September, 2018. 

The cost is $45 per evening/$90 a month. No one is turned away, so contact me for partial scholarship.

If you haven't worked with me I recommend a free 20 minute phone consultation. From there we can set up a exploratory session around the Zero Point Circle.  

For more information, to sign up, contact me at: julie@julietallardjohnson.com • 608-963-0724   You may also contact Hallie with questions: hallie@wiscopopsoda.com 

“In this beautiful book, Julie Tallard Johnson—a gifted teacher and writer—brings fresh insight to an ancient truth: each of us must live from the inside out. This book, the Zero Point Agreement—full of resources that range from heart-deep insight to helpful practical exercises—can help us reclaim the treasure-trove of our own experience and being.” –Parker J. Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness,  Healing the Heart of Democracy, Let Your Life Speak, and The Courage to Teach 

You are welcome into this circle (this circle is for you) if you have done some personal (transformative) work and want to do more exploring within the context of a circle. This yearlong exploration is for you if you are ready and willing to open up to the possibilities and responsibilities living from the zero point.  

"If not now, when?" 

There will be one full day retreat included to explore and practice.
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