October 4th, 2017:

The Red Thread: HOW TO BE A HERO IN DARK & DIFFICULT TIMES: Monthly Spiritual and Contemplative Circle based on the teachings of PARKER J PALMER, begins OCTOBER 4th, 2017

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Dear Spiritual Explorers, I will be offering a monthly cirlce on the first Thursday evening of the month, which will include checking in, spiritual explorations, meditations, a monthly theme to explore, journaling prompts, and the continuity of meeting up with the same people for a year.

Starts on Thursday evening OCTOBER 2017  6 till 9:00 in Prairie du Sac at Healing Services on the River. (595 Water Street)

It will meet the first Thursday evening of the month till October, 2018. This is for those who have explored spiritual concepts and practices and want to meet up with others interested in further spiritual explorations and inquiry. Eleven Core "threads" of Parker's teachings along with explorations and practices of based pm the 10 Buddhist antidotes. We will have opportunity to share personal stories, relate the teachings to our personal and daily lives, and explore ways to be ourselves. This circle is a way for you to have consistency and support for your on-going spiritual practices. 

You are expected to commit for a year. I am limiting it to 12 explorers. $35.00 a month.  

“Since the world is in us, we are responsible for the world–and the shape the world takes depends on how we live our lives.” -Parker J Palmer, The Promise of Paradox 


Email me at julie@julietallardjohnson.com 

For those of you who want a more intense & personalized commitment, I will be offering my The COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF, Zero Point Circle in Madison starting in SEPTEMBER, 2017. This one meets twice a month on Tuesday evening. (It is filling up.) Here is the link for more information: http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/49

Each month we will explore one of these:
  1. Generosity (dana)
  2. Ethical conduct (discipline) (sila)
  3. Renunciation (nekkhamma)  (giving up our negative dynamics)
  4. Wisdom (paññ?)
  5. Enthusiastic effort, joy! (viriya)
  6. Patience (khanti)
  7. Truthfulness (sacca)
  8. Determination (adhitthana)
  9. Loving-kindness (metta)
  10. Equanimity (upekkha)

"The question is how our own meanings are related to those

of the universe as a whole. We could say that our action

toward the whole universe is a result of what it means to

be us."  David Bohm, The Essential David Bohm

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