January 1st, 2018:

Eight Stage Healing Process ON-LINE Training

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This on-line consultation and guidebook is designed for those who are interested in facilitating an eight stage group for family members of the mentally ill. Along with the use of this book, facilitators are expected to have read Hidden Victims: Hidden Healers and have a personal understanding of the Eight Stage Healing Process.

This guidebook is a blueprint and not a rule book. The recommendations and handouts are by no means the only ingredients involved in facilitating an eight stage group. This guide is designed to assist you and give you direction and guidance in how to facilitate one of these groups and not to dictate what you should or should not do. I hope that you add your own ingredients, and find what works for you. Take what you need from the manual, and then add to it your own creativity and imagination. Hopefully, this guide will give you sufficient resources and direction and a solid base from which to work in creating and facilitating your own eight stage group.

This on-line consultation includes a guidebook, handouts for ten groups and one to one consultation hour with me via email or/and phone.


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