April 29th, 2017:

Women's One Day Retreat: Here, TAKE THIS GIFT, April 29th in MADISON

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Here, Take This Gift 

a Women's Retreat with Julie Tallard Johnson - Saturday April 29


Before a plant bears fruit and provides nourishment, it first
receives the gifts of sun and water. Receiving the gifts we need to
nurture our true selves is what allows us to act in life-giving ways. Parker J. Palmer

For more information and to register:  Unity of Madison

This day will be about becoming RECEPTIVE to all that is possible for each of us, now. 

To be rooted in true self we need to know how to listen to and feed our true self.  We need to know the difference between the hunger of our true self and the hunger of our empty self.  We need to know how to keep good company with ourselves.

The traditional phrases "to give is to receive" and "it is better to give than to receive" are misleading.  Notice how in our culture we have been taught to say "giving and receiving" as if giving is primary and receiving is secondary.  But to give we must be wholly able to receive first.  As women, we have likely learned that in order to be good at mothering or partnering we must always be giving to the other.

Nature consistently points to how it is in our receiving that we can give.  Just as an aquifer is fed from the rain and then feeds the well, the sun and water feed a plant, which then bears fruit that, in turn, provides nourishment.

Saturday April 29, 2017
8:30am - 3:30pm
Unity of Madison, 601 Tompkins Dr
$65/person includes lunch provided by Enos Farms

Transpersonal counselor, meditation teacher and author Julie Tallard Johnson explores this theme in her upcoming book Here, Take This Gift based on the teachings of Parker J. Palmer.  Julie is leading a one-day Women's Retreat at Unity of Madison with explorations and practices for receiving and giving (journaling, meditations, labyrinth work) that help us listen to our soul's callings and yearnings as well as how to rejoin soul in the roles we live. 






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