Consultation for Groups & Group Facilitators

I have studied group facilitation for over 30 years and as a result appreciate the benefits of doing transformational work in a circle. I offer training to facilitators of self help groups and professional leaders. I authored a manual for facilitaiton of the eight stage healing process for those wanting to lead eight stage groups. Each of my books offer methods of group facilitation and participation.  My training is participatory and enlightening. I borrow from other methods of group facilitation, such as those offered through Parker J. Palmer's books and the Quaker method of a clearing committee. I encorporate such methods as mirroring, witnessing, respectful participation, appreciative inquiry,mutual influence and established methods of group dynamics to increase awareness and growth for participants.  

Do you want to lead a safe and dynamic group? Do you want leaders in your community to train in compassionate methods of group facilitation? Do you want to start up an eight stage group, experience a zero point circle, or increase your success in your existing group? Contact me to see how I can help at